Where's Meredy's Mug?

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The Committee Organised for Crimes against Kitchenware has recently recieved this rather disturbing email:

Subject: THE MUG
From: Meredy
Date: Thu, February 16, 2006 10:51 am
To: Committee Organised for Crimes against Kitchenware

Hey guys
[Somebody has] kidnapped my strawberry mug. It was a happy moment we were reunited and then gone, just like that! I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't work.

stop press


We have recently heard rumours that Meredy has recovered from the loss of the mug and has moved on. These rumours are not true. And we can prove it. Using technology based on the Wankel Rotary Engine, we have developed the Brainwave Analyser Diagnostic Gadget Engaged Remotely. We have implanted three miniature brainwave readers in Meredy's head. They transmit data to the gadget which then renders Meredy's thoughts as images. So, here are Meredy's thoughts.

The mug, which was described as being of strawberry blonde apperance, aproximatelty 3½ inches high and tannin stained, was seen in Oxford at the Star public house on Wednesday 15 February at approximately eight o'cock in the evening.

Reward for information leading to the return of Meredy's mug.

Please contact us.

We have now lauched the biggest mug-hunt in our 26¾ history. All available resources have been mobilised in this, the latest in a long line of Crockery Or Ceramic Kipnappings. This is the biggest Crockery Or Ceramic Kipnapping seen by us, and we've seen a lot. And we've got pictures.

Our investigations have led to people in high places. Despite our constant badgering, none have replied to our emails and they have neither confirmed nor denied any involvement in the kidnapping of Meredy's mug. It should be noted that none of them have denied being in the vicinty of the Star at the time of the abduction. We invite you to draw your own conclusions.

Our agents have continued their work, unearthing evidence of Meredy's mug in many places, but its exact whereabouts remain unknow. Please help us unmask this conspiracy and let Meredy eat, sleep and work. Presumably not all at the same time.