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Oxford marches against the cuts

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Marchers get ready

People from all over Oxford come together today to protest against the government's cuts. The march, organised by Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance, will highlight the massive public opposition to the cuts. Groups on the march include Oxford TUC, Oxford Save Our Services, Buckingham Save Our Services, Unite, Ruskin College, Oxford Anti-Cuts Alliance, Communication Workers' Union, Green Party, Oxford Labour Party, Make Wealth History, Cuts Are Nuts, Brookes University, and Socialist Workers' Party, Save Temple Cowley Pools, and several Save Libraries groups. All accompanied with a brass band.

We'll be following the march live as is happens. Please send us your updates and comments.

Pictures here

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Time line

12 Feb 13:50 - We're going to sign off now. Please add your reports from the march to Oxford Indymedia.

12 Feb 13:35 - Speaches are being made.

12 Feb 13:11 - 500 marchers have now arrived at Bonn Square.

12 Feb 13:06 - Demonstrators sit down in protest at Carfax.

12 Feb 12:52 - March now at the High. Reports of a carnival atmosphere as the demonstrators are accompanied by a samba band.

12 Feb 12:36 - March at the Plain. Cars honk in support.

12 Feb 12:15 - March leaving Mazil Way.

12 Feb 11:20 - We're live! Send us your updates.

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